Grace – Current Hull University student - University Quarter

Grace – Current Hull University student

Moving to a new place for University can be slightly daunting at first but having lived in Hull now for nearly 3 years I truly feel I made the right choice by coming here. Life in Hull is cheap and cheerful – it is an easy city to get familiar with, not too big of a city but has everything you need, whether it be a walk or bus ride away.

Newland Avenue is about a 15-minute walk from the Uni and has everything a student needs – coffee shops, bars, nightclub, restaurants, shops, so meeting your friends for a drink or popping to the shop isn’t much of a hassle, then further up you have Princess Avenue. Here is what I would describe as the ‘nicer’ Newland Avenue, better bars and restaurants, it is worth the visit for enjoyable drinks and finer dining, but for students I think Newland Avenue is more where it is at! Piper on a Monday, Tofts on a Friday, cocktails at Roots on a Saturday or a roast at Sleepers on a Sunday – Newland Avenue has the flexibility of doing whatever suits you!

Popping into Hulls city centre is only a short 10-minute bus ride away with bus stops all around the student living areas, so travelling in is a very accessible. St Stephens has most of the high-street shops you need, with restaurants, a cinema, as well as Gravity bounce park which is a fun activity to do on your days off Uni!

Equally Princes Quay is a pleasant shopping experience with a cinema and restaurants too, opposite on Princess Dock street you can sit outside next to the water with drinks flowing – lovely when the sun is shining!

If you’re feeling you could splash the cash, definitely go over to the marina and have some cocktails in one of the many fancy restaurants and bars. Back to Uni, in first year I lived on campus – it was the best experience and loved meeting new people from all different backgrounds.

Those initial first months of finding your feet and creating your friendship group is key because then along comes finding a house for second year. Living on campus is great – but only do it for one year, living out in a house is a whole other experience and one you’ll probably never get again after uni – living with your friends, creating memories for a life time.

Living so close to uni is an absolute must, especially if you are planning on going out to Monday nights at piper, Wednesday at Asylum or Thursday nights at Welly! If you intend to go to uni the next day, the last thing you want is a far walk, so living within a 5/10-minute walk from uni is essential! I’ve lived with University Quarter for both years and it has been such an easy and enjoyable experience, they have regular events and giveaways for tenants such as BBQs, Mental health awareness days, Pet Dog Days, Easter eggs, selection boxes! Any problems we’ve had with our house has been resolved quickly and effectively, I wouldn’t live with any other agency.

Living in Hull has been the best few years of my life, it will be sad to leave and I’ll especially miss the cheap drinks!

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