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Kate – Current Hull University student

Living in Hull is an experience that can only be described as unique, it is unlike any other city. Hull’s presence gives off more than just your typical inner-city setup- going to eat, drink and shop you find more than what you imagined with so much more personal independence to it. But the individual and quirkiness about the city are particularly prominent in the student area of Hull, the crossroads from Auckland Avenue, Salmon Grove, Cranbrook and Newland Avenue have the complete sense of a student community spirit.

The area is filled with student activity and I found living around here you are never too far from somebody you know! Newland Avenue is filled with independent coffee shops, greengrocers, restaurants and bars with themes of Mexican, Italian and Jamaican cuisine. So exploring different cultures is as simple as walking down a street! Escaping this hustle and bustle though is returning to the roads closest to university where you can stumble in from Asylum at three am and be assured you’ll make your 9 am (if you really wanted to) with just a short walk from the university.

The houses listed by University Quarter are therefore ideal for those of you, like me, who like to push that extra snooze button or fancy a late-night library trip as their houses are all within this five-minute radius. My experience in Hull has been the best three years, made up by the fact that student living in Hull is as cheap as chips. Pubs such as The Haworth and Gardeners Arms are a swarm of student activity with student deals on a Wednesday where you can social with a team, to joining in on the free pub quizzes on a Thursday.

They are easy places to meet up with friends and catch up over a gin and tonic or pint, me and my friends take full advantage of this after a busy week of lectures and dissertation work. Living with a good group of friends during University has so many benefits to it and sharing a house you build up a foundation of a solid friendship.
Of course, there are bound to be the small arguments over buying toilet paper or who’s turn it is to take the bin out, but in reality, I found that these are often brushed over within no time as the people you live to become a support system and who you rely on to make up the best of your student years. After all, they won’t be as much of a nag than living with your parents!

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