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Annamay – Current Hull University student

Living in Hull has been an incredible experience, I have met so many amazing people who will be my friends for life. Hull is a great city for students with so much to do! It is the perfect city to find your feet in and become more independent. Living with UQ has made my time in Hull so much more memorable and pleasurable, the opportunity to live with my closest friends in the nicest houses is great! Moving from halls to a house is such a different experience as you have much more freedom. It’s great to not to have to worry about having issues with the house as everything is to the highest standard. Even the events that are put in place for the tenants are a great way to meet new people like the welcome BBQ.

As part of my degree I got the opportunity to live in Barcelona for a year which was insane. It was such a great opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences, and also get some sunshine! So, if you get the chance to do this I would definitely recommend! Organising a home for my final year was so easy! All of the documents were available for me to sign online, easily and quickly.

The University is a 15-minute walk from Newland Avenue which has everything you need, from a Tesco’s to a nightclub, it’s the perfect place for students with the many deals offered! If you want to venture a bit further, the city centre is just a 10-minute bus ride away and it has a variety of shopping centres, and something for every budget. The bars and restaurants in old town are all lovely and a great way to treat yourself after a hard week at Uni! The Brain Jar is my favourite place to go for some amazing cocktails or have lunch at Leonardo’s with a view of the water.

Hull was granted city of culture in 2017, which gave Hull a new lease of life. It has given the city a new platform, offering new exciting opportunities including the Bonus arena which has been an asset to the city, bringing in acts Hull has never seen before such as Liam Gallagher! It is definitely worth checking out the acts and musicians that they have to offer.

For a fun filled day you can head over to the award-winning aquarium, the Deep! Its home to over 5,000 animals so you will be sure to enjoy it! Once you visit you get a free pass for a year so it’s a great investment and you can even bring your family and friends if they come up to visit!

Hull is the perfect home away from home, everything you need is on your doorstep and there are even more things to do if you want to travel further afield to places like Beverly and The Humber Bridge. The most important thing about Hull for me, is the fact that I have spent close to 4 years of my life here, spending time with my best friends, going out and occasionally doing Uni work! I will miss it a lot!

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